Chocolate Coated Liquorice - Lakrids

Chocolate Coated Liquorice - Lakrids

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Lakrids is a delicious liquorice brand from Denmark, they combine luxurious Belgian chocolate with liquorice of the highest quality. The taste, the look, the feeling… Everything from Lakrids by Johan Bülow is designed for "hygge" – life’s cosy moments of pleasure.

A - Sweet liquorice coated with Belgian chocolate and liquorice powder. 150g

B - Sweet liquorice coated in white Belgian chocolate and passion fruit. 150g

C - Sweet liquorice coated in a blend of milk, dark chocolate and granules of roasted coffee. 150g

D - Sweet liquorice and salted caramel. 250g

Sea Buckthorn - Sweet liquorice, white chocolate and orange sea buckthorn enclosed in a delicate, crunchy sugar shell. 150g

Store in a cool, dry place.

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