Bliss Teapot - Normann Copenhagen

Bliss Teapot - Normann Copenhagen


A simple shape and soft contours fuse together in the Bliss tea service. Designer Odo Fioravanti has created a modern porcelain service that is both sturdy and sweet in its expression. 

Odo Fioravanti took his point of departure from the teapot and cup typology and experimented with creating a simplified and cohesive idiom. The service’s balanced shape fits well in the hand, inviting you to enjoy the moment. The upright spouts and small, round grips add quirky charm, while a plain, matte surface gives a contemporary and clean overall impression.

A single Tea cup sits perfectly on top of the Bliss tea pot making a lovely gift for every tea lover.

Material: Porcelain
Size: H 15 L 16 D 11.4 cm
Care: Handwash

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